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- Data entry and validation. Dhis 2 lets you capture aggregate data on a variety of devices - it even works offline. If Internet connectivity drops during capture, data will be stored locally in the browser and you can continue working as before. The app downloads instances of forms which are required to enter data from the server, and stores them on the device. Software platform : The end users only need a web browser to connect to the on-line server. However, clearing the cache of the browser will result in the lost of the data stored locally.

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- When connectivity is back you can push data up to the online server. 6.2 Enter data in a data entry form. Open the Data Entry app. Use of the offline capability of dhis 2 web data entry module. Chapter 6 Using the Data Entry app. Ask the upper level where internet is available to do data entry regardless of the size of the form.

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- In the organisation unit tree to the left, select an organisation unit. Select a Data set. The available periods are controlled by the period type of the data set (reporting frequency). And by data entry form small we mean data entry form having less than one hundred fields. From this step, he can disconnect his internet and continue data entry for all his facilities and for the periods he wants as long as the data entry web page window is not closed in the web browser.

We have updated dhis2 to version.30. Use of Android data capture app: The Data Capture for dhis 2 app allows users to enter data into a dhis 2 server with an Android device. This guideline aims at providing advice on how mitigate the effect of lack reliable internet in challenging settings. Once the app is installed and launched, the user will be requested to provide the url of their national dhis 2, the username and password and tap LOG. (Optional) Correct validation violations. Internet is not at all available. Country Name, academy Name, opening Date, closing date. Software application : The central server deployment style means that the application can be upgraded and maintained in a centralized fashion. You can also the Browser Cache Cleaner in Apps as the preferred way to clear the Cache. The value remains unsaved until youve changed the value or updated the value range and then re-entered the value. All popular operating systems today are shipped with a web browser and there is no special requirement on what type or version. Therefore, it is recommended to not clear the cache without making sure that data locally stored is synced. The thinking in this guideline is not to prescribe bullet proof solutions that can work everywhere but propose ways of addressing connectivity issues in some places in the country. When the user is logged in and internet is cut (deliberately or not).

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